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Female Founded Business

Female Founded

Black owned business

Black Owned Business

Canadian small business

Canadian Made

gender neutral children's cards

Gender Neutral

 I am Brave. Daily Affirmation cards for kids
self-help children's exercises

Read them on the go...

This deck is super easy to bring in the car or on family trips to practice reading and healthy coping mechanisms.

emotional communication cards for kids

...or before bed!

Make affirmations part of your bed time routine by having your child read some of the cards out loud as you tuck them in.

Send me a deck!

Our mission is to empower children to create their own happiness and shine with confidence as the unique individuals that they are.

— Minni Minds Team

How do I use these cards?

There is no right or wrong way to use this deck. We encourage you to use these cards in a way that works for your family. The deck includes 1 instruction card to help get you started! Head over to our "about us" page for more tips.

Teaches Communication!

"Using these cards with my son has really helped me teach him how to better tell me whats bothering him and how we can fix things. I would highly recommend this deck if your child has trouble communicating when they are upset!"

— Cameron, A.

Super Positive!

"I try my best to create a positive space in our home for our children. I can see my daughters becoming more aware of their feelings and how their actions affect others as well since we started practicing these affirmations."

— Hannah, T.

Confidence & Self-Esteem

"My children have struggled with bullying in the past and we've been trying really hard to help them value and love themselves. We read these cards as a family and both my children have been gaining more confidence in themselves."

— Brian, L.