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Our Story Is Simple...

It started with one mission in mind: to support and nurture children’s hearts and minds for every stage of their childhood.

Built from the ground up, our brand is created by a mother, in a mission to make an impact and bring awareness to mental wellbeing in all children regardless of their race, ethnicity, or gender. Becoming a mom highlighted the importance of mindfulness from a young age, and creating an opportunity for children to practice positive and kind thoughts.

Female FoundedBlack Owned Business

Female Founded Business

Female Founded

Black owned business

Black Owned Business

Canadian small business

Canadian Made

gender neutral children's cards

Gender Neutral

The Birth Of Minniminds

There is no right or wrong way to use the deck. Play with different methods of using these cards and do what feels natural!

First time using affirmation cards?

Here are some ways parents, teachers and youth workers have incorporated this deck into their daily activities

How To Include Affirmation Cards In Everyday Life

Simply pull a card daily. Read the card and repeat the affirmation out loud 2-3 times

Select an affirmation you want to focus on each week

Stick it to the bathroom or bedroom mirror

Place a card in your child's lunch box as a gentle reminder

Put it on the fridge for the entire family to see

Select a card to discuss in the morning, while eating dinner, during car rides or before bed. Ask the child to share how they feel and what they think about the card they have read

Hang on the wall in the playroom or reading corner

Select an affirmation, reflect on what the words mean and how they make you feel in a journal. This is a great reading & writing exercise as well!